BeamNG Drive Cars

One of the main features of BeamNG Drive is its incredible selection of cars. Here you can find just about any vehicle to your liking. Some of them can be often see in the streets of your own city, some are of more exotic varieties. And there are those you won’t probably have a chance to drive in real life. So, are you ready for a totally new and amazing driving experience? Then prepare for an extreme ride and let’s find out a little more about the cars available in the game!


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The key thing about the selection of BeamNG Drive cars is that they are based on real models. Here you can discover most famous brands recreated down to the last detail. Everything is designed with a lot of plausibility and you can’t tell the difference between a digital model and its real-life counterpart. The list includes Toyota, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Volkswagen and other leading brands. Any car fan will be tremendously happy to get one’s hands on all of them!

The types of cars are also very different. There are sedans and hatchbacks, jeeps and muscle cars. You can even get behind the wheel of a truck or bus. But the most amazing thing is the ability to construct your very own vehicle using various spare parts that you can buy for coins earned during the missions. All of the cars you already owe can also be improved by installing new elements and thus boosting their parameters, making them faster, sturdier and more powerful.

As you can see, BeamNG Drive is a wonderful game for everyone who strives for realism and is fascinated with lifelike emulation of vehicles. All the details of the cabin are implemented just like in real life, you can see all the indicators and buttons on the panel and the controls also feel very authentic. Immerse yourself into this incredible world of free ride and extreme driving and see what it’s like to smash all these beautiful vehicles!

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