BeamNG Drive

If you wanna get a driving experience like never before, you definitely need to check out BeamNG Drive! This game is like a constructor, you come up with an emergency situation on the road, choose a location, arrange cars and arrange an accident. The whole gameplay is built on this, the plot is absent as such.


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Most modern auto sim and racing games focus on the graphical component and make the game visually good, but pay little attention to the realistic damage model. The simulation of cars and collisions in this game is so similar to real life that it is mind-blowing. You can crash test any car, the results will be strikingly similar to a real crash test.

The game implements realistic car physics, which looks as if the car is really real. You can feel the weight and inertia of the car, you can feel the difference in different types of vehicles (bus, truck or car), this is not enough for most racing games. The damage on every car extends deeply to every node and spar in the car model. I guarantee no two crashes are the same in this game.

In most races created these days, the car crashes at full speed into a wall and bounces off it continues onward as if nothing had happened, with a few dents and scratches at the most. But not in this game. This is one of the few games in which physics is in the first place, and graphics are in the second, and there is no plot at all. It’s a shame that this game is not popular, this is possible due to its specificity.

However, there are missions that you can accomplish and get rewards for completing the objectives outlined in the assignment. So if you like the sense of achievement, you can choose to follow this line of the gameplay as opposed to the free mode. You definitely won’t get bored because some of the tasks are very challenging and you need to get rather sweaty before you manage to do everything as demanded from you. But that’s one of the things that makes playing so exciting and addicting, right?

Overall, BeamNG Drive is quite interesting and gives you the ability to easily extract a lot of gameplay from it. And these aren’t its only advantages. The huge variety of mods makes this game worthy of your attention as well. Start discovering it right now online and enjoy the thrilling sensations!

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