BeamNG Drive 2

Getting into an accident and breaking your car would be a disaster in real life. But in the virtual world, where you don’t have to suffer heavy injuries and pay for the repair, it’s quite possible to enjoy all the keen emotions and of course the scenic views of your vehicle falling off the mountain or crashing into a wall. BeamNG Drive 2 is just the kind of game you need to play if you want that kind of an experience!


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The main thing about it is the striking realism of everything that is happening. The game tries to emulate the real environment and rather succeeds in it. There are off-road racing and industrial areas, crushing with opponents on the corners and nitrous oxide, which is recruited for collisions. The single player game offers a career mode with a familiar division into three classes: derby, classic, and star-studded. However, the division is arbitrary, it is determined by the available vehicle fleet, the power of cars in each new class is higher.

Most of the trails run on rough terrain, where highway sections are combined with dirt and full off-road sections. The landscape and the environment are changing. Due to elevation changes, the car constantly jumps. The track is surrounded by trees, masonry of logs, buildings and large objects, into which you can easily fly into, losing control. A feature of the series is a specific approach to a set of nitro-acceleration. The player earns it for collisions and destruction. Knocking down road barriers, smashing some sheds and punching fragile extensions of buildings, we earn acceleration in order to squeeze the maximum out on a convenient section of the track.

There are several modes for you to enjoy. You can turn the gameplay into a sandbox where you are free to build your own vehicles, upgrade them and test the improvements in practice on self-created obstacle courses. Or you can try your hand at racing against the opponents pushing and smashing them to prevent them from crossing the finish line first. Regardless of your choice, it’s going to be a riveting experience! Delve into the amazing world of BeamNG Drive 2, discover all the wonderful perks of this game and have fun crashing your car into bits and scraps!

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