BeamNG Drive 3

Have you already checked out BeamNG Drive 3? The third version of the legendary driving and crush test simulator has become even more fascinating and realistic due to the major and minor changes introduced by the developers. So what can we expect from the recent release?

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First of all, it’s worth mentioning the work that has been done on the visuals. The game is more technologically advanced and more beautiful than its predecessor due to various little things. Objects are dynamically illuminated and cast honest shadows, dirt and dust fly from under the wheels directly into the monitor, impairing visibility, gas stations with prettier cars explode spectacularly… Saturated, bright colors gave way to cold and harsh, poor water turned into a shader. It’s a pleasure to look at!

The variety of the tracks has also increased. The number of destructible objects on the map has been multiplied. At first, you can get the impressions that this addition almost consists of tires, aligned with straight posts along the bumpers. Those who are not accustomed to braking before corners are in luck – crawl along the fence, collect nitrous oxide and accelerate, developing a speed higher than on a normal trajectory.

The style of play largely depends on which car is in your garage. But that’s not all – you also have to adapt to the conditions on the road. And here we are talking not so much about the destructible environment, but about the weather conditions at one or another location. A striking example is snow-covered tracks, on which you sometimes have to go onto the ice. At such moments, naturally, it is better to slow down, because rushing at full steam on a slippery surface is tantamount to suicide.

And that’s only the beginning! Add a great variety of new cars that you can now drive in the game – and you get an almost endless polygon for indulging in the most epic of crush tests! Enjoy BeamNG Drive 3 online on our site!

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