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BeamNG Drive is a riveting driving simulator where you can not only experience the joys of an extreme free ride, but also crash your car and get coins for it! Here you can choose from a vast assortment of vehicles based on real-life counterparts and enjoy amazing physics allowing you to feel everything as if it was happening for real. Are you ready to hit the road? Or rather, to go off-road? Then let’s begin!

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Reckless driving and car crashing!

You probably heard about crush tests and maybe even watched TV shows like TopGear. So the concept of BeamNG Drive won’t be anything new to you. The main goal of the player is to do as much damage to one’s car as possible – and try to make it look as specularly as you can. For that purpose, the game offers a lot of possibilities. Every map you’ll hit is basically a huge obstacle course. And you can even create your own track if you wish making it the most challenging of all!

Surely, a game like that couldn’t have done without an impressive system of destruction! The developers approached this issue both from the technical and material side. The number and detail of all objects on the track is stunning. Almost everything that falls under your wheels collapses (with the exception of houses, they are concrete): from cardboard boxes to airplanes. The car must first be destroyed to the ground, practically to the point where there is only a frame and a pair of wheels. The only pity is that after the first round there is nothing left that could be broken!

Different modes and amazing tracks!

There are several modes in BeamNG Drive. You can indulge in crush testing and car upgrades in the sandbox mode. Yes, there is an option to improve your vehicles by adding all kinds of spare parts to them that will increase their speed, durability and power. You can even engineer your own car from scratch and see how it fares on the road. Besides, you can complete various missions that will bring you the necessary amount of money for all these improvements. And finally, there is a mode where you can race against opponents, both AI-controlled and live (in multiplayer). This is a whole different kind of fun cause rivals try to push each other off the track and smash not only their now cars, but also the vehicles of the opponents.

The locations are very diverse and scenic. There are factories, canals, deserts, forests, and snowy mountain serpentines. The roads are littered with boxes and other debris, which are sure to be hit by cars. At the same time, any pillars fall, hangar doors fly off, shelves inside them collapse. Collisions and destruction still replenish nitro. And various giant pipes and containers, thrown right in the middle of the road, and aggressive competitors, always ready to butt and deploy, don’t allow you to calmly accelerate. In other words, it’s total craziness, and you can participate in it right now! Start exploring the tremendous opportunities of BeamNG Drive right now, gather your own collection of amazing cars, smash them into pieces and enjoy the process!

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